About me

I believe that music has the power to profoundly transform your life.

My name is Brea McCall Bone and I’ve been going to concerts and music festivals since I was twelve years old. As of November of 2017, I’m twenty-three years old and have been to forty-two music festivals (sixteen different ones) and seen over 400 artists perform live.

I’ve started this blog because of the huge role music plays in my life and how much it has influenced my personal growth. As an avid concert and music festival attendee, my blog is for fellow music festival aficionados, concert goers, and simply, anyone who loves music. My blog will contain all things music, whether it’s a recap of a music festival I just attended or a review of an album one of my favorite artists just released. If you love music, you’ll love my blog.

For more information on me and what’s currently happening in my life, check out my Instagram and Twitter.