Music festival series: Lollapalooza

My experience at Lollapalooza in 2012 is special because it marks the start of my travels around the United States for music festivals. Although I had attended ACL and SXSW for many years prior to my going to Lollapalooza, it was the first festival I went to that wasn’t in my hometown of Austin, Texas. [...]

Middlelands 2017

Two weekends ago, I returned to the Texas Renaissance Festival fair grounds in Todd Mission, Texas. However, while the past two times I had been to the fair grounds it was for the Texas Renaissance Festival, this time it was for a music festival. The music festival I'm speaking of is Middlelands. Since it was the [...]

Euphoria 2017

In the fast-paced, ever-changing music business that exists today, it’s essential for music festivals to have a name which will remain relevant and not be easily forgotten. This results in festivals being named all sorts of names. Some are random, made-up words, such as Lollapalooza and BUKU, while others attempt to highlight certain aspects of [...]

South by 2017

This year’s South by marked my tenth year going, and to mark this occasion, I decided to volunteer for the festival. In exchange for volunteering over fifty hours, I was given a badge of my choice. The options were interactive, film, and music, and naturally, I chose to receive a music badge. Although it was [...]

BUKU 2017

Although I’m extremely happy to be done with school for probably, and hopefully, the rest of my life, one aspect that I do miss is having set breaks every year, specifically spring break. However, even though this was my first year not technically having a spring break, I still managed to have one. My spring [...]


If you’ve been to a decent amount of concerts and music festivals, you’ve probably witnessed someone crowd-surf. If you’re lucky, you’ve crowd-surfed yourself. Crowd-surfing is a phenomenal experience. There’s nothing quite like floating above the crowd and being passed from hand to hand. However, crowd-surfing is not a great experience for the people who have [...]